A person usually has many talents, and, from time to time, they implement their talents in everyday life. But, when you are a project manager, you have to gather together your each skills and apply them to your current project.
Even in spite of being a super talented PM, you are likely to face some complications or difficulties while accomplishing a project.

it's difficult to be a PMHere is the list of the most typical hardships that a project manager is likely to encounter.

-    Poor communication with clients can make the whole work unbearable. In most cases, clients give rather vague and uncertain ideas about their vision of the project, and the task of a PM is to clarify every moment of a project. Very close and thorough interaction with a client is the definition of success at the end of the project.

-    Not meeting the deadline is one more difficulty that a project manager has. Any project is made up of hundreds tasks, each of them having a deadline. The best way is to reach deadlines. If it is hard for you to follow all of them, refer to project manager software that has been designed to help you in such cases.

-    Managing every project the same way is not a perfect solution at all. Every project is like a newly born child that requires special attention and care, separate deadlines and tasks, and even a team that will carry it.

-    When you start a new project, the right decision will be to select only those professionals you rely one. You have a chance to choose the people for your project that are likely to complete it successfully. While delegating tasks to team members make sure that you assign tasks to the right people.

-    Do not manage several projects at the same time. Having one or two of them is OK, but if the number goes up, you will not definitely be able to cope with them all in the proper way.

These are the most usually or typical troubles that a project manager can face with: not enough communication with clients; missing the deadlines; managing every project the same way; not choosing the right team; having too many projects at the same time.

It does not matter if you are an experienced project manager or a fresher, you had better pay attention to these issues, as they are likely to save your project and make it successful.