Purpose: The stakeholder management template provides a place for the communication plan for all parties interested in the project.

Process: Stakeholders are identified from the project team structure in the project definition, the project plan, quality plan and the corporate organization structure.

The type of information, who will provide it, when and how it will be produced, is determined for each interested party, as part of an overall communication plan.


  1. Has each interested party agreed to the type, frequency and method of communication?
  2. Is each communication consistent with the communication plan?
  3. Has the communication plan been accommodated in the overall project plan?

Stakeholder Management Template:

Copy and paste the following headings into a spreadsheet or table and format as required:

  • project name
  • stakeholder
  • type of information (what?)
  • provider (who?)
  • frequency (when?)
  • method (how?)