Earlier, we recapitulated all the project management key roles and described in details the Project Manager role. In this part we are going to explore the Project Team Member Role in the process of creating software products.

The Role of the Project Team Member

project team member role
The project team member is a representative of the project team. This person is crucial to the successful execution of software project. The role of the project team member consists of the following functions:

  • Execution of technical examination;
  • Generation and implementation of concepts which make simpler for the project team to achieve deliverables of high quality opportunely and within the limits of expenditure;
  • Making sure that the part of the work within the confines of the project which the project team member is responsible for is accomplished on schedule;
  • Informing the team of the project about problems and questions;
  • Taking part in the process of creation the project plan;
  • Interaction with the distributors of the field which he or she is responsible for;
  • Providing the demanded information about questions and problems of the project to the project manager;
  • Execution of his or her obligations in relation to the project;
  • Maintaining the right direction of the process of implementation of the project with the help of specialized collaboration software suits;
  • Opportune providing of the fresh information about the project status to the resource manager;
  • Forwarding in the right direction team process and contents.

The project team member likewise actively takes part in the process of project management. This specialist assists in the process of creating the plan of the project and in the process of project monitoring besides the roles of providing technical examination and production of deliverables. The project team member is likewise responsible for assuring that his activity facilitates to successful execution of the whole project.

In the next part, we will study in details the Project Sponsor Role.