Generally there are an amount of people who take part in a project immediately as well as people who are interested in the results of the project. Such people are usually defined as stakeholders. In the majority of projects crucial stakeholders are the following:

project roles

  • Project manager – This person is the director of the whole project.
  • Project team member – It is the person who is responsible for production of the certain results of the project, which are named deliverables. Project team members likewise take part in the process of managing the project.
  • Project sponsor – It is the person from administration of the project who serves as an intermediary between the Project Manager and the management team of the project.
  • Project customer – It is the individual who will receive the ultimate deliverable(s) of the project. The ultimate deliverable is definitely the final result of the project and is presented to the project customer. Mainly the demands and requests of the project customer are the motive force of the project.
  • Resource managers – These specialists are responsible for granting the necessary resources, in private, the members who are engaged in the project. Resource managers are often called also functional managers.

Among other project stakeholders there are also members of sections which will be influenced by the project deliverables. It will be interesting to analyze the roles of key project stakeholders more particularly. Let’s begin with the Project manager role which is the first in the range of project management roles which consists of four parts.