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We are often asked this question through the contact us form or on specific message boards. In fact, this question should be paraphrased: “What business software best suits my business” Indeed it is an important decision to take as the future and the prosperity of your business depends on it: well-chosen software will contribute to your success meanwhile bad software will screw it so that with your own money you can possibly buy nothing more than additional trouble.

The Project Management Insights have recently started consulting activity. On this occasion we offer you a free business software consultation. All you need is to fill in the form and our business software professionals will search the best software that will most likely meet your business needs at its best.

We definitely suggest you to fill in this form if you are still googling “project management templates” in Excel format. Even though such templates are still popular online, this is not what a project manager should be armed with now: business process modeling and automation software spare you from the Excel files manual routine and may have a set of proficient templates already integrated.

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