Project management is a complex of actions taken to successfully deliver a process and achieve desired results. The activities of project management encompass planning and allocating resources, controlling the resources and optimizing the organization of resources in the best way to achieve set goals and get needed results. A project is a process of actions with certain resources aiming at production of a specific product or service. A project features specifically set time limits. Proper project management ensures delivery of the project on time without any delays or fails to perform the actions properly which can result in breaking the deadlines.
Successful project delivery needs specific skills and perfect management strategies. The greatest challenge for any project started at any company is achieving all the set goals and delivering every step of the project on time. Unfortunately 93% of fails to deliver a project are the results of human factor related mistakes.
The IT market offers many solutions for project management which solve key problems:
• reduce human factor related mistakes to minimum
• automation of resources allocation
• clear visualization of the project in steps
• better communication of the goals of the project and its desired results to all engaged participants
Key steps of the project management
Before getting started to initiate and deliver any project, you should understand distinctly the key steps of project management.
Project initiating. The turning point of any project is project initiating. Many projects fail to be successful due to poor initiation. On this step of the project management the process goals and scope are determined. It is important for all project participants to clearly understand the goals and the scope. The initiation of the project encompasses also the proper understanding of business environment in which the project is realized and the necessary resources for the project goals to be achieved. As the deficit of resources or poor understanding of the business in which the project goes will result in inevitable fail. Project management software provide simple tools to initiate the project. Simple graphics is used to symbolize every step and part of the project. On this stage the project management solves the next problems:
• business needs analysis
• financial analysis
• resources analysis
The result of project initiation will be clear charts depicting the goals and the means to achieve the set goals. Using proper project management systems and tools you can be sure that every participant of the project clearly understands his or her mission in the project.

Project planning is the next step of project performance. On this step time, costs, human resources, internal and external resources are planned as well as factors affecting every step of the project are considered. Risks should be properly evaluated and all the measures should be taken and considered to minimize the effect of the possible risks on the project performance. Poor planning will result in fails. Plans in project management are essential to set the scope of tasks for every team and participant engaged in the project.

Project executing is one of the biggest parts of project management. On this step a project teams exactly follows the plans. This step of project management involves strict control of every step and task delivered using the planned resources. If the overuse of resources is noticed, then a project manager should turn a step back tp project planning and revise the resources.
Project control is one of the final steps of the project management. When the project is almost over the team should track the results during a certain period of time to understand whether all goals and tasks are achieved and all the needs of business for which the project has been executed are satisfied. This can happen that a successfully delivered project will result in dissatisfaction of business. If this happens project management team should revise the process and find possible mistakes. If the project is executed without proper project management then it is almost impossible to detect possible mistakes.
Project closing is the final step of project management. A project an be closed only when all the goals and results are achieved. All the activities can be finalized only if the goals are met. Commonly it takes some time to get sure that all the business needs are satisfied with the project.