The Project Manager is as well defined as the manager of software project. The principal role of the project manager is surely administration of the whole project, according to a participative approach. Thus, it will be appropriate to address to such specialist as Project Manager. The Project Manager Role is as follows:

project manager role

  • Indicate the direction of the activity to the project team
  • Conduct the team of the project through the process of establishment and implementation of the project (the process of project management)
  • Achieve confirmations for the project plan
  • Observe the project timetable with the help of any kind of project management software or collaboration software in combination with MS Project.
  • Produce status records on the development of the project in comparison with the project plan
  • Reply to inquiries for amendments to the plan
  • Assist the team process, which is considered as interindividual process which contributes the development of team members as the whole team.
  • Obviate obstructions which prevent the team from finishing the project
  • Serve as the crucial intermediary with the project sponsor
  • Serve as the crucial intermediary with the project customer
  • Serve as the crucial person of all interactions within the confines of the project
  • Convene and hold team conferences
  • Produce the concluding project record

The substantive role of the Project Manager is to conduct the team of the project through the management of software project and team processes in order to provide the successful accomplishment of the project by team members. Generally, the Project Manager is responsible for the total project success.

In next parts the following project roles will be described: the Project Team Member Role and the Project Sponsor Role.