Purpose: A good business case template clarifies the financial aspects of the project to enable a project initiation decision. Use the total cost of the project and the projected benefits to either justify the project, or, if they don’t stack up, recommend cancelling it.

Process: At project definition stage, the initial business case is high level because usually, not all the costs are known until the analysis has been done and a specification produced which can be resourced and costed.

This is not a one off document, but it evolves and is used to monitor the project at all stages, to ensure the ongoing viability of spending the proposed time, cost and effort.


  1. Does the business case support corporate strategic goals?
  2. Do the costs and time-frame correlate with the project work plan?
  3. Are the benefits worth the costs?

Business Case Template:

Copy and paste the following headings into a document and format as required:

  • purpose of the project
  • benefits
  • total costs
  • projected cash flow analysis
  • options
  • recommendation