Purpose: The project definition template provides a framework to set the tone for the project. The contents of the document will give the information required to make the initial decision to proceed with the project. It will also be the yardstick by which management can assess the progress and continuing viability of the project.

Process: The project manager is responsible for the creation of the document to initiate the project, from various briefs, requirements, standards and other available information. The initial business case and project work plan will be at a high level and will become more detailed as the project progresses.


  1. Is the project definition aligned with corporate strategic goals?
  2. Are the risks and mitigation plans acceptable?
  3. Do the project control measures meet agreed standards?
  4. Is the business case viable?
  5. Is the project governance adequate?
  6. Has the project definition been approved by the quality assurance group?

Project Definition Template:

Copy and paste the following headings into a document and format as required: