As soon as we start talking about selecting a PM tool, we mean the software that is able to do everything for us and that can work any place in the world where the Internet is present. Some people say that such kind of solution is just a hoax.

This fact is not true anymore because the abundance of such solution is impressive and any project manager can choose a tool to their taste.

The dream of most project managers is to have a universal solution which is all in one, that is cloud-based one and with the possibility to access it via mobile gadgets i.e. smarphones or Androids.

If we speak about the existing examples of such tools, we can name Comindware Project that seems to correspond to all the wished features.

The tool is cloud-based one, making it possible to access it everywhere and any time of the day. Besides, it offers mobiles versions for iPhone and Android, making the software more attractive to potential users.
As soon as we speak about the online collaboration features, we can claim that product developers have done their best by introducing a range of options that lead to full integration with the company workflow process. For example, Comindware Project offers to keep all the project discussion in one place even when the project is not finished. Such way of cooperation is accompanied by the traditional email writing and document sharing. Comindware Project also allows creating special discussion room or chat rooms where you are able to analyze certain specific topics while working.

You are likely to invite all other stakeholders of the project to the discussion. This solution helps teams to manage all the project documents in one place: price lists, agreements, press releases etc.

work communicationsIn case you are in need of a particular person involved in the project, you will use the powerful social Directory and visual Orgchart to trace the person you need, their tasks and location, contact data etc.

The software makes it possible to motive or boost all the developers by recording their achievements. Thus, at the end of the project you can make a final decision about the project results and offer a bonus to the most hard-working developers.

To sum it up, Comindware Project is thought to grow entirely into the project and company workflow becoming its inseparable part.

Thus, next time when a company project manager complains about the inability to get a rather flexible PM tool, recommend to search the Internet in a better way and they will be lucky to discover many marvelous tools  and Comindware Project can be one of them.