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The aim of this website is to provide ideas, approaches, techniques and tips gleaned from long experience in project environments.

Concentrating on the human, soft skills, or interpersonal relationship aspects of project management, the stories and articles show there is so much more to project management than simply the methodologies, software & tools, templates, processes and procedures, useful though these are.

The focus is on engaging the people who will contribute to the success of your projects. Unlike tools and templates, humans have feelings, aspirations, views, perceptions, likes and dislikes. Ignoring these is often a recipe for disaster in the project realm. Harnessing these attributes can provide a source of power that can boost a project’s chances of success.

Look after the people and the people will look after the project!

Contact me directly via LinkedIn, Steward Copper.

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For further information about project management, professional affiliations, qualifications and formal methods, visit the following sites:

  • Comindware – Plan. Manage. Collaborate.
  • PMI – Project Management Institute.
  • APM – Association for Project Management.
  • BCS PROMS-G – BCS Project Management Specialist Group.
  • ISEB – Information Systems Examination Board.

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One of the most important aspects of project management, emphasised over and over again in this website, is the need to engage. There is an energy, almost a magical property that grows when people communicate and share ideas.

So, please submit your views on the various project management topics presented here, suggestions on further topics or queries on links to and from Project Management Insights.

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