Сhanging of work place is always conjugate with heightened nervous strain and certain period of adaptation. Adaptation to new conditions of work and new colleagues can take rather long time. Even if a specialist works individually without a team he needs to adapt to new premises and place of work. Some companies even have specialists, mostly psychologists, who help new employees to adapt to new colleagues, managers and working environment. Other organizations prefer to conduct special psychological trainings which are focused on team building and also can simplify the process of adaptation for newbies. The quicker an employee will adapt, the more effectively he will work and the more profit he will bring to a company.

Which kinds of adaptation exist?

Nowadays there are two main types of adaptation in a new company: professional adaptation and also social and psychological adaptation. Professional adaptation embodies understanding of business processes in a company, and likewise mastering of necessary new skills and knowledge required for successful performance of the specific job in a company. To the word, if there is the original issue tracking system which is utilized in an organization for workflow automation, it will be easier to introduce a newcomer into the state of affairs through the help of such software because all key business processes are described there. In some enterprises managers prefer to attach an experienced mentor to a new specialist for some time, and such experienced professional will share his knowledge with a new colleague.

The socio-psychological adaptation is the adoption of socio-psychological peculiarities of a company, also positive interaction and productive cooperation with its staff. It is obvious that during the most difficult period of socio-psychological adaptation (such period can last up to 3 months) a new employee will work not at full capacity, because some mental resources will be spent on adaptation to a new situation. But after successful adaptation the productivity of his work will grow. So, organizations should be interested in speedy adaptation of their new employees because successful adaptation to new people and new work duties will help an employee to work more effectively. And if an employee has some problems with adaptation on the new place, his productivity will be rather low even if he is experienced professional.

Psychological consultations can be useful in the situation when a new specialist experiences some difficulties connected with adaptation. How can it be possible to define such problems with adaptation of this or that employee? In most cases, it will be enough to monitor work productivity of employees by means of special Comindware software and simply to define those specialists whose productivity is rather low. And then analyze the reasons of such low productivity, and problematic adaptation can be one of such reasons. So, if to answer the question in the title of the present article, which sounds like: ”Is it possible to simplify the period of adaptation of new employees by means of workflow automation?”, the answer will be “Yes”.