tracking the tasksDifferent jobs often demand different solutions to complete tasks effectively and on time. Almost every if not all jobs require employees to respect the deadlines or even do the assignments in advance. As to me, a manager in a rather big international corporation, it is highly important to not only track my own tasks and responsibilities, but to also track the tasks that I assign to my working group. Therefore, it has been an essential part of my work for many years to keep record of all the work that has to be completed by my subordinate colleagues and by myself. And I came up with a great solution, which I will explain further and in more details.

Firstly, it is necessary to mention my attempts to track the tasks of my employees that were not very successful. I attempted various methods all the way from sticky notes to e-mails and calendar reminders, but hardly any of them did its job the way it had to be done. Sticky notes, for instance, covered every corner of my work place, which made it nearly impossible to navigate through them and choose the ones that have higher priority or are urgent at a given day. Calendar reminders and e-mails were slightly better, but due to the amount of tasks that I have to track during a certain period of time, these sorts of things become overcrowded with notifications. Moreover, many calendars and especially e-mail services require constant internet connection, which may not be always available.

The solution appeared one of the days, when I was browsing the internet and found an interesting article on time management and task tracking. The proposals to try task tracking software were very appealing to me and I decided to give it a chance. Since that moment on I am using a computer based program that happened to perfectly meet my needs and is absolutely free to try and use. The best thing about this software is that I do not depend on internet connection and the program’s interface is not bulky and hard to understand. In fact, my severely limited understanding of computer technologies allowed me to start using the software in less than 10 minutes.

Taking into consideration all the pros and cons for using technological advancements in my life, I can confidently assure the reader that as far as my experience goes, the task tracking software has been the best solution to me, as a manager and as a person, who is also responsible for completing a certain amount of work by deadline. I hope that someone will learn from my mistakes and experience and will take my call to try task tracking software!