Everyone who’s in competitive business knows that sometimes it’s little things that make you stand out among the line of companies that provide the same services. Great first impression at negotiations, quick responses to the questions or even newest device or software that your company uses can tip the scale in your direction. Tablet PCs and laptops are irreplaceable nowadays and it’s doubtful that someone has to be reminded about their helpful qualities. Instead we will talk about some not so wide-spread gadgets that will help you get this extra edge and improve efficiency of your work.

1. If you tend not to sit behind the desk all day but often organize business meetings, presentations and negotiations wireless and cordless scanner should definitely be in your arsenal of business tools. This portable gadget can take any documents anywhere at any time and turn them into files that can be easily synced. A rechargeable battery is enough for about 600 pages of scans. The scanner has a built-in memory which syncs with Cloud server of your choice. The device will come in handy for scanning conference documents and expense reports, photos and business cards and turn these tons of useless paper into storable digital information that can be found at any time when needed. Overall, portable scanner is a helpful gadget that you can take with you for a business trip or conference where some unexpected business opportunities might occur.

2. Wireless earpiece is yet another gadget that can make businessmen’s day sufficiently easier. If you have to make speeches from time to time, conduct negotiations in foreign languages and don’t feel comfortable doing that, then wireless earpiece is a must-have gadget for you. This multifunctional device is meant for secret communication and is perfect for situations when you don’t have enough time to prepare for a speech or a business meeting. Thanks to the wireless earpiece you basically get a secret assistant who helps you answer questions, provide important numbers and statistics on the spot without having to go through notes. Instead you can concentrate on your performance, which is one of the most important parts of any presentation. Secret communication via earpiece is carried out with the help of Bluetooth transmitter that connects the earpiece to your cell phone. One of the most popular sets for covert communication is MWE Watch set  where Bluetooth transmitter and highly sensitive microphone are embedded into ordinary looking watches

3. If you want to save time and impress your clients and partners you should think about purchasing speech recognition tool that can make your life and life of your personal secretary a lot easier. It’s irreplaceable if you are one of those creative people who get brilliant ideas all of a sudden and need to write them down immediately. It also helps to write documents and e-mail and organize spreadsheets rather quickly. The gadget is perfect for those businessmen who aim for major productivity boosting and try to cope with typing-related issues. It also provides great mobility for those who want to use time more efficiently while performing routing tasks at a computer.

All these gadgets can sufficiently help you running your business with more productivity.