Nowadays a lot of companies hire freelance workers, especially if they have to execute a massive project in a short period of time or have a small working space. And managing freelancer scan be one hell of a challenge, because while most of them are highly interested in the result of their work, there are definitely going to be several people in the team who don’t have enough self-discipline and miss deadlines all the time if they are not under control. To keep an eye on remote teams managers have to use email and Skype and all kinds of task tracking solutions, the benefits of which we will discuss.

To manage remote team effectively manager should have access to the software that would allow them create and assign task, communicate with employees and track the issues within one system. One of the solutions that features all of those option is Comindware workflow software. One of the greatest advantages of using workflow management software is that team members can see the list of the tasks and evaluate their time according to the deadlines. Also, the program can be set up in a way that it would send the alert when the deadline is due, so managers don’t have to worry about calling their freelancers and reminding them to do their job in time.

Another great feature of work management software is that managers can communicate with each and every team member inside the system, which means no more cell phone calls, emails and Skype-conferences. And thanks to integrated collaboration features your employees will also be able to ask you questions on the tasks, leave comments and relevant links. Everything you need you will have in one program, and that is a huge time saver.

One of the obstacles that appear while working with remote staff is that they don’t have immediate access to all the files relevant to their project. And with task tracking software you can attach files and templates that might be needed right to the task in the program, so your assignee could have everything for an effective work.
For those managers who have to run their projects while business travelling it’s important to have management solution with mobile and web access. That way you will be able to track your ongoing projects, make changes in plans if necessary, consult your employees and reassign tasks in case of emergency by using your mobile phone.