Have you ever noticed that even while we are planning holidays at the beach we often base our decision on whether there is Wi-Fi available in the hotel? Someone might say that we are leaving in the tech-obsessed world, but I think there is no shame in admitting that we all love the benefits technology provides. We enjoy new features in our smartphones and laptops, like testing new mobile apps and most of us can’t even imagine what our life would be like without our favorite devices. And for those who like being surrounded by gadgets I’ve put together a small list of highly helpful devices that might come in handy during work, leisure and travel time.

• Emergency battery charger is definitely a must-have for everyone, because no one wants to get stuck in a strange city with cell phone battery dead. Emergency battery charger will help you to charge your cell phone or laptop when there is no regular means for re-charging at hand. By the way, backpack with a solar charging panel is another great way of re-charging devices for hikers and travelers.

• Digital hanging luggage scale is one of my personal favorites. You all know that when we are travelling we want to bring home as many souvenirs for us and our friends as possible. But if you buy too much and exceed luggage weight limit, you are going to have to pay for overweight and you won’t be happy about all those souvenirs anymore, and this small gadget allows avoiding such annoying inconveniences.

• 4G hotspot will come in handy both at work and if you are staying not at some fancy hotel. This little gadget will allow you to be sure that you can get in touch with your family or coworkers at any time.

Micro earpiece can be used for work and study as well as for leisure. You can use it for such business purposes as: managing event, running presentation or negotiation and even delivering a speech. And if you are one of those people who can’t live a day without favorite music playing into your ear you can use wireless micro earpiece with MWE MP3 set to listen to the music covertly.

• As if it wasn’t awesome enough designers of Swiss army knife have made it even better by adding USB flash drive to standard travel kit: knife, scissors, nail file, screwdriver and so on. The new modification will allow you to keep all the necessary digital info in your pocket.

So, here’s the list of my personal favorite gadgets that might be useful in different situation. Hope some of these devices got you interested.