As soon as the company creates a website to promote their services, they also develop the required database to the site. When the database is made up, special attention should be paid to its security and stable work. That is why database monitoring is considered to be a necessity in terms of company durable success. The specially designed software will check every database activity and indicate any potential alert.

If we speak about the importance of database monitoring, we can say that ignoring the idea of database monitoring sooner or later will lead to huge losses, because of information breaches or failures caused by hackers or virus programs. About 70% of all lost money ever happened because the top management was not interested in installing any protection software.

The aim of any database monitoring tool is to trace all the accounts of the site and the activities they perform. The number of accounts, who have some access to the database, can be rather huge, and they, for sure, have different levels of penetration. Depending on their rights, they are able to make some changes in the database – both good and bad ones. Database monitoring software records every single activity that takes places and makes a notice in case of unusual behavior. Such systems will easily see if some alterations are made to the database or some secret information is being looked at. After having detected a problem, the system gives a real time update to the email or a mobile phone with the detailed information about the alert and where to look for it.

New database monitoring tools provide monitoring facilities for all types of databases i.e. MySQL, Oracle and others.

Before the firm makes a final decision about what kind of software to select, they should bear in mind that any software should be adapted to their specific requirements. This is the obligatory condition to the successful functioning of the tool and the business in general.

The features of the up-to-date database monitoring solutions are able to conduct a multi-layer analysis of the whole database and make conclusions about every procedure made by a user.That is why we can say that the implementation of database monitoring software can be economically justified, as the tools are to prevent companies from losing their profits because of information theft or a breach in the database system.