Being a constantly growing business trend, BYOD, or bring your own device, has a lot of people talking and discussing all the pros and cons of having this concept implemented. Since it’s always a good idea to be aware of the newest business trends, today we are going to learn the basics of BYOD.

The whole thing with bringing your own device was sparkled with the fact that in era of cutting edge technologies it usually happens that users get their hands on the newest gadgets and devices faster than a lot of companies. And if these devices are so easy to use and save quite a lot of time, why not take them to work? And thus BYOD has become largely embraced concept in a modern day business.

To understand all the pros and cons of BYOD, here are 5 things you should know about it:

1.    BYOD helps you save money. How so? You not only reduce employee training time, but your employees also pay the full cost of the hardware and other expenses. You would think that the employees wouldn’t be that happy with that, but statistics says that BYOD approach actually leads to worker satisfaction. People can use the devices they are comfortable to use, the ones they are familiar with.

BYOD2.    You get access to the most cutting edge devices on the market and the most skillful employees. Companies that embraced BYOD get all the benefits of the most progressive capabilities the latest devices have to offer, since nowadays users buy upgraded devices more frequently than most companies have ability to. Plus, BYOD gives you so much needed competitive advantage over other businesses since it helps attracting best performers who seek work flexibility.

3.    Your IT team can concentrate on more important tasks. Since employees are responsible for maintaining their own devices, IT department get an opportunity to focus on other things than constantly dealing with device management and support.

4.    BYOD will only work if you have a strict policy. In order to avoid data corruption employees should follow at least minimum security requirements to be allowed to connect personal devices to company’s resources. Download the BYOD Survival Guide eBook here:

5.    Without proper software, BYOD can become one of the risk factors for your company. The thing is that employee’s devices are used in ways that devices owned by companies aren’t, which means the risk of stolen or destroyed data is increasing. That’s why a company should think of getting an effective backup and restore solution even before considering embracing BYOD trend.

As you can see, BYOD approach can be quite beneficial for companies in case all the advantages and disadvantages are taken into consideration and well thought out.