Being a professional means striving for excellence in your field and keeping up with all new trends and developments in your industry of interest, and professional certification is one of the ways of being competitive in a constantly changing marketplace.

In this article we are going to talk about how professional certification can help people build up their careers and why it’s so important for both employers and employees.

It’s a wide known fact that certification does not only help to evaluate employees correctly, but it also provides motivation boost and improves company quality standards. And for those employers who want to raise company’s productivity by constantly improving employee’s skills and need some sort of solid criteria for employee promotion, professional certification is a great way to start.

One of the best and most rational ways for a company to implement employee certification is using specialized software that could track professional certification process. One of the most convenient solutions for this purpose is Comindware Tracker. It’s fully customizable which enables adding approval or assessment steps to make the process reflect each company’s specific business policies.

The solution helps uniting the main steps of employee certification tracking, including certification request, supervisor approval, training, testing and retesting, making it easier for managers to track the process and get the best results possible from personnel. Whether personnel managers need to teach employees how to work with new equipment or software or they just need to improve quality of services, workflow solution allows setting up and controlling the process without having to check on every single step employers make.

Whatever the purpose of training or certification is, carefully set up workflow will not only allow managers to control process better, it will also bring the group of employees together through common experience, since they will be able to go through the process of certification as a team. That aspect is especially important for the companies where ability to cooperate in team is crucial. Thus, employee certification policy can help to build the team of well-trained professionals who will be willing to collaborate and constantly improve their skills and knowledge.

But what’s in it for me as an employee, you may ask? The thing is that professional certification shows your employers and your clients that you are not only qualified to do your job and your knowledge is up-to-date, but it also indicates that you are committed enough to your profession to invest your time in further training. Professional certification gives your clients confidence in your abilities and it gives you that extra edge that you might need while applying for a promotion.

As you can see, as an employee you benefit from professional certification by having an advantage over candidates who didn’t go through certification process and by earning higher wages thanks to your up-to-date skills and knowledge. And if you are an employer who wants to hire a specialist professional certificate will help you to make sure that the candidate has enough knowledge and experience to deal with any work-related challenges that might occur.